Our clothes rail wall as your daily companion

Tired of searching your closet for the right piece of clothing every morning? With our KIM clothes rail wall you don't have to dig through your closet. Instead, you can see all your clothes hanging on your clothes rail at a glance - and save yourself precious time every morning!

The right clothes rail wall for your needs

Are you looking for a clothes rail where you can hang all your clothes without wrinkles? With our KIM clothes rail wall you can do just that. It shows off your clothes beautifully and can easily carry heavy winter coats due to wall mounting. Through the KIM DOUBLE clothes rail wall you can double the hanging option to make the most of your space at home.

Durch unseren LAS freestanding clothes rail you can bring our industrial furniture into your home without having to drill for it - This allows you to move the clothes rack and use it where you need it at the moment.

Not every home has enough space for a wide clothes rail - that's why we have our clothes rails FRED, FINN und HANG designed, to provide as much hanging space as possible in a small space. This allows you to use our industrial furniture even in a small home. With us you will find the right industrial furniture for your home!

The right dimensions for you

We know - every home is different! We offer a variety of different sizes of our clothes rails to make sure you have the right one for you. Browse through our Custom Mades and choose the suitable variation.                                                                

The full package

We offer not only various industrial furniture, such as our KIM clothes rail wall, but also everything you need for optimal use. On the one hand we have sturdy coat hangers, to be able to hang up even heavy clothes in a space-saving way, on the other hand we offer coat hooks, so you can also hang your bags and backpacks on your clothes rail.

Our classic black look

Our industrial furniture all have the classic black rustic look. Our malleable cast iron fitting coating means that no oil residue remains on our tubes and the wall mounting of our clothes rails means that even heavy loads can be carried.