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    We at pamo. design sophisticated pipe furniture to help you make the best use of your space. The children’s clothing hanger LAS LOW is the perfect addition to any children’s room and adds stable hanging space for all your cute and colorful clothes.

    Children's clothing hanger LAS LOW made of strong tubes and fittings:

    • Color: Matte black, powder coated
    • Dimensions (Inches): 19.7"D x 39.37"W x 51.2"H
    • Installation Method: Free standing with instructions for an easy assembly

    • Material: Made of malleable cast iron fittings and strong steel pipes
    • Very sturdy and not bendable
    • Non-slip pads included

    • Instructions
    • Non-slip pads

    For the assembly you also need:
    • 2 helping hands
    • Screwdriver (Phillips)
    • Hammer

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    Warranty & Satisfaction Promise

    Test your pamo. product for 100 days. If it doesn't suit you and your home, you can simply return it to us.Please provide us with your order number and/or invoice number via email or as a letter in the return (please as a package). We will refund 100% of the purchase price to the payment details used at the time of purchase.

    The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

    • Question: What is the pamo. satisfaction promise?
    Try out the children's clothes hanger for 100 days and take your time to decide if it fits your home. If not just send it back to us – as soon as the LAS LOW is back in our warehouse, we will automatically refund you the full purchase price.

    • Question: When will the hanger for children's clothes be available again?
    We try to keep our products available at all times, but if the children's clothes hanger takes longer to get back in stock, you can sign up for a notification on the product page. As soon as it is available again, you will receive an email from us.

    • Question: Can I combine the LAS LOW with other styles?
    The simple black color of the hanger for children's clothes makes it very easy to be paired with other interior styles and is a nice addition to a colorful children's room. If you want to change the dimensions of the hanger for children's clothes later on, you can add extra pipes to adjust the height.

    Frequently bought together

    Sturdy metal water pipes and fittings


    The low design of the children's clothes hanger gives the LAS LOW a versatile use. Use it for example under a wall cabinet or a sloping ceiling to create valuable hanging space that otherwise would be lost.


    The children's clothes hanger is made of strong steel waterpipes, that won’t bend even after long use. Build yourself a long-lasting, easily adaptable hanger for children's clothes and create a stunning Industrial Design for your home.

    scratch proof powder coating
    LAS with Industrial Design


    Add extra hanging space for your child’s clothes without having to drill into your walls or ceilings with the LAS LOW. The children's clothes hanger has a fast and easy assembly and a stable construction due to its screw system and holds all your clothes without losing stability.


    Our different pamo. models are made to fit your home – Whether as a wardrobe under a low roof slope or as a children's clothes hanger for the children's room - due to the low height, our LAS LOW is very versatile.

    LAS II by pamo
    More light with open closet


    Choose the hanger for children's clothes and let the light flow through your room instead of blocking it with heigh closet walls. It adds light to your room which makes them appear brighter and bigger.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Liebe Liebe Liebe

    Ich weis nicht wo ich anfangen soll. Vom Produkt bis zum Kundenservice einfach genial. Meine Kleiderstange sieht super aus, passt perfekt in meine Wohnung und das Material hält einige Kleiderstücke aus.
    Weitere Produkte von Pamo werden auf jeden Fall einziehen !
    Danke dass es euch gibt.

    Tolles Produkt!

    Sehr stabile, hochwertig verarbeitete Kleiderstange. Gibt auch dem Jugendzimmer den Loft-/Industrial-Look. Klasse!

    Patrick Ewe
    Kleiderständer Kinder

    Immer wieder gern, alles super!

    Bianca Binder

    LAS LOW – Kleiderständer Kinder | Industrial Design

    Gernot Mitteregger
    Alles gut

    Schön und funktionell


    The children's clothes hanger doesn’t need any drilling to the wall or ceiling to be stable and robust. This makes the free-standing LAS LOW easily moveable and you can put it exactly where you need it – not only in front of walls but also as a room divider.


    Create a nice and clean overview of your clothing items by hanging them next to each other, which ensures them to be wrinkle-free! Instead of searching for one piece in a dark drawer or closet, create a bright overview of all your clothes and never lose precious time by searching for the right outfit.


    The assembly is fast and easy – The individual parts just have to be screwed together to create a durable and stable hanger for children's clothes. Add some thin black clothes hangers or hooks to take advantage of all the hanging space and create a small but well-thought-out children's clothes hanger for low ceilings or easier accessibility.


    The matte black finish of the hanger for children's clothes brings Industrial Design into your home. Set some rustic accents in your rooms or use the space under a hanging cabinet or low ceilings – anywhere some extra hanging space is needed.